Pinatas - How to Play

This is a great idea for children and adults. Great fun for birthdays, celebrations, reunions, picnics, anniversaries, office parties or any social gatherings.

How to play: 
Hang your Piñata from the ceiling, tree or playground equipment. Each child or adult takes a stick (or Piñata-buster) and has a turn to ‘bash' the Piñata. To add a bit of ‘spice' to the game a blindfold can be used. Turn the person around 2 or 3 times and point them in the direction of the Piñata. Even more challenging, maneuver the other loose end of  rope/string and move the Piñata around or up and down! Make sure everyone stands away from the blindfolded person with the stick! When someone breaks the Piñata, everyone makes a mad dash for the contents. To avoid any 'bashing accidents' create a 1.5m circle with chalk or string on the floor under the pinata where no one may enter except the person holding the stick. 
For younger children, line the children up and let them take turns to whack the Piñata. No blindfolds etc. A 'non-violent' version of the Pinata is a pull-string. Approx.35 strings hang underneath the Pinata but only 1 opens a trapdoor to release all the contents. So that the unlucky participants are not disappointed, tie a sweet at the end of all the strings.

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